Divan bed guide

Divan bed are the most popular bed type in UK. It has a seamless build & a mixture of functionality, style and comfort at its forefront, a divan bed is a fantastic investment that will have you drifting off into a deep and luxurious slumber every night.

In this guide, we will share all of the best-kept secrets you need to know about your divan bed and some FAQ's .

Benefits of divan beds

Storage options

If you are looking for a bed to solve your spacing problems in your bedroom then the divan bed is perfect for you. All divan bed have extra storage options available built in the bases  to help you neatly pack away any occasional-use items. The common type storage available are  the built-in drawers that are tidily housed within the divan base. You can choose between 1-4 drawers on which ever side you like of the bed.


Do you want to add that personal touch of luxury to your bedroom? Then look no further. As all of our divan beds & bases are made to order. With the choice of over 25 colours to choose from you wont have an issue finding something that pleases you. You might want to customise and add the crushed velvet or soft velvet; crystal diamante or buttons, you name it we'll make it!

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