Gloss bed guide

The gloss beds at Homefurniturestop really are in a league of there own! Each design has striking details that can combine perfectly with your bedroom décor, these beds also gives a certain modern look without neglecting the contemporary high gloss style.

In this guide, we will share all of the best-kept secrets you need to know about your divan bed and some FAQ's .

Benefits of gloss beds


At Homefurniturestop our gloss beds at type of sophistication as a symbol in any bedroom. The gloss beds are designed for modern city living, Intelligently designed gloss beds consider space utilization, maximum comfort, and unending supplies of modern conveniences such as integrated LED lights, ventilated boards, etc. We have them in various styles and colours to match up with your décor of your room. They are available in white, grey, black, and wooden finish.

Storage options

If you are looking for a bed to solve your spacing problems in your bedroom then the gloss beds is perfect for you. Most of our gloss beds have extra storage built in the bases  to help you neatly pack away any occasional-use items. The common type storage available are  the built-in drawers & ottoman gas lift storage that are tidily housed within the base of the bed. 

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