Wooden bed guide

If you’re looking for a bed which has a natural aesthetic which can coordinate with all colour schemes and a classic design, you can’t go wrong with a wooden bed. Elegant, durable, sturdy and easy on the eye, we have a range of wooden beds here at Homefurniturestop which can create a striking focal point in your bedroom.

In this guide, we will share all of the best-kept secrets you need to include in your cleaning routine and the many benefits of a wooden bed.

Benefits of wooden beds

Durable & built to last

Wooden beds are built using solid materials, they have a sturdy composition which entails that they are very durable and do not easily damage. Unlike most other beds, which often require a lot of upkeep, a wooden bed can last for years on end without losing its appeal.

  • Is usually highly durable in structure due to solid materials.
  • Is easily maintained and cleaned in comparison to other materials.
  • Can create a timeless aesthetic in your home.
  • Offers a wide range of styles and colours to choose from.
  • Is not damaged or broken easily and some wooden furniture can conceal signs of wear well.
  • Has a natural aesthetic which can coordinate with all colour schemes.

How to clean a wooden bed frame

If you own a stunning  wooden bed, a good cleaning routine is a crucial in keeping your bed in tip top.

When cleaning and caring for wooden beds and furniture, it is best to keep it simple with products. Here are the important tools and products you need to clean wooden furniture well:

Clean buffing cloth with no residue from other cleaning products will best clean a wooden surface.
Wood-friendly polish will add shine and life to your wooden furniture, but check the label before use.
Vacuum cleaner will effectively remove any dust from wooden surfaces and wooden bed frames.
Vinegar mixed with water is ideal for cleaning wooden furniture and tackling stubborn stains.
Wood-friendly cleaning products such as anti-bacterial spray can be used for an easy cleaning routine.

But remember, whilst wooden beds are sturdy, choosing the wrong cloths or sprays could cause damage to the frame or its beautiful finish. Make sure you don’t drench the wood with liquid, take care to select wood-friendly cleaning products and use soft cloths when it is time to give your bed a spring clean to avoid damaging your bed.

We recommend a weekly cleaning routine which includes a polishing and vacuuming of the wooden bed and a more thorough deep clean every couple of months with a soft cloth and wood-friendly cleaning spray.

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